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Design projects and working with wood have been lifelong passions for Simon. During his school years in England his extracurricular choices included architectural design, technical drawing and several woodworking classes. Although his college years were spent studying Geology, another interest, he afterwards decided to accept an offer to co-found and operate a family business converting 80 ton wooden trading barges from the North of England into Victorian style hotels which cruised between Oxford and Windsor on the River Thames each summer. Ten years later he moved into furniture and cabinetry making which quickly expanded into interior remodeling projects as well.

A few years later Simon moved to New Hampshire with his American wife, Annie, drawn by the classic New England architectural style and the opportunity to design and build in the North Country. They had initially planned to live here for two or three years, but ended up staying permanently. Simon is now an American citizen.

Our crew at a current project

Our crew at a current project
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"After 24 years of building homes I still enjoy the challenge and excitement every time we are offered a new project to work on. There is enormous satisfaction for myself and all of my crew members in not only paying keen attention to detail, quality and taking pride in everything that we do, but for creating many good memories of the building process for our homeowners."

Master Carpenter and team leader, Todd Breen

Todd has been with Simon's crew for 17 years. He grew up in the Littleton/Franconia area, but moved to Rhode Island after school to join a mid-size construction company. He worked with them for many years on a wide variety of projects including several large coastal homes. After moving back to northern New Hampshire he joined Simon's crew, bringing a wealth of experience and talent with him. He recently designed and built his own beautiful timber frame home, incorporating many innovative and creative details.

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